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Pre-requisites: computer literacy, MTHD 104 or equivalent and restricted to the following: Computer Science (BS only), Earth and Space Science, Environmental Science or Geology or by permission of the instructor.
Satisfies: the completion of GEOL 121 counts as one course for the GECR in natural sciences, geology; the completion of GEOL 120 and GEOL 121 counts as two courses for the GECR for natural sciences, geology.
Introduction to physical geology for students majoring in geology, earth science or environmental science. This course emphasizes the quantitative analysis of processes that shape the earth’s surface (gravity, wind, water and ice) including weathering and erosion, the creation of sediments and sedimentary rocks and the development of landforms. Energy resources and the concept of earth systems are also explored. Weekly laboratories and one field trip are required.


...Requirements for Geology Enrollment in GEOL 120 and GEOL 121 requires a major declaration in...

Geology Major, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

...geology classes. Note: enrollment in GEOL 120 and GEOL 121 requires a major declaration in...