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Pre-requisites: MTHD 104 or MTHD 106 or equivalent course, or a satisfactory score on the mathematics placement test (MPT); Computer Literacy Competency recommended.
Satisfies: completion of this course with a grade ≥2.0 satisfies the university proficiencies in mathematics.
The course explores sets, basic logic, truth tables, elementary probability and statistics, geometry and the connections between mathematics and art, exponential functions, logarithms and geometric series. The spirit of the course is one of reasoning and problem solving. This is a terminal course intended for students not taking any other mathematics courses for their program of study. This proficiency may be satisfied by examination.

Placement and Clearance Exams

...MATH 107 ; MATH 121 ; both MATH 141 and MATH 142 ; both MATH 211 and MATH...

Prior Learning–Sources of Credit

...College Algebra 57 5 MATH 114 College Mathematics 50 5 MATH 107 Precalculus 57 5...


...Mathematics Requirement: MATH 211 is required for Elementary and P-3 Programs, MATH 107 or...