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Pre-requisites: MTHD 104 or MTHD 106 or a satisfactory score on the mathematics placement test.
Satisfies: completion of this course with a grade ≥2.0 satisfies the university proficiencies in mathematics.
This course develops statistical literacy and the ability to think statistically, and understand how probability plays a role in statistical inference. Descriptive statistics and their graphical representations are used to summarize real and simulated data sets. Students understand how the variation present in a population affects the precision of estimates of population attributes. Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing are introduced, with an emphasis on understanding their use in context.

Graduate Policies

...15 credits Mathematics MATH 600 , MATH 601 12...Academic Integrity WAC 172-121: Student Conduct Code...

Placement and Clearance Exams

...MATH 107 ; MATH 121 ; both MATH 141 and MATH 142 ; both MATH 211 and MATH...

Prior Learning–Sources of Credit

...15 MATH 161 , MATH 162 , and MATH 163 Statistics 3, 4, 5 5 MATH 121...