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Notes: intended for students who are planning to use MATH 107 to complete the university proficiency in mathematics; does not count toward the 180 credit requirement.
Pre-requisites: approved score in MTHD 103 or placement test score equivalent to placement into MTHD 104.
Satisfies: completion of this course with a grade ≥2.0 satisfies pre university basic skill.
This course leads to mastery of basic algebraic skills involving linear models, systems of equations, proportional reasoning, and exponential growth. Students develop reasoning skills in the areas or problem solving, unit conversion, graphical interpretation, counting strategies and interpreting slopes.

Placement and Clearance Exams

...include: CPLA 100 , ENGL 100 , MTHD 103 , MTHD 104 , MTHD 106 . These courses do not...