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Pre-requisites: pre-university basic skills in mathematics.
Satisfies: a GECR for natural sciences, physics.
This course follows the development of astronomy from the earth-centered model of the early Greeks through the sun-centered model of Copernicus to the modern dynamic model of the universe incorporating the known laws of physics in its description. Topics covered in this development include a study of the solar system and a brief description of the physical laws used in astronomy. Additional topics such as distances, motions properties and evolution of stars lead to a study of galaxies, the structure of the universe and to modern cosmological models. Laboratory activities include naked-eye observation and measurement, planetarium sessions, Celestial Globe activities, computer simulations, as well as experiments in optics, spectra and the use of telescopes.

Prior Learning–Sources of Credit

...Level PHYS 131 , PHYS 132 , PHYS 133 , PHYS...4, 5 5 MATH 121 Modern Languages and...