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Cross-listed: APTC 490, CMTC 490, DNTC 490, MNTC 490.
Pre-requisites: senior standing.
Satisfies: senior capstone university graduation requirement.
The course simulates the real world situation that many of the graduates from the department will face. The students will work in teams to apply techniques of production management, product design/development, plant layout, scheduling, cost accounting, assembly, inspection and quality control to produce a product. The course will simulate a real world design team concept by utilizing a design group that contains members of different program majors. The team, to accomplish its goals, is required to draw on each other's unique skills learned in stated goal. In industry often a design team is formed to develop a new product. The team is made up of members from different departments in the company. Learning to deal with the team dynamics while learning to take advantage of the synergy that can be gained by a diverse team is a valuable learning process for our business as well as civic life. Each student team is to produce a new product (to be massed produced and demonstrated by producing a minimum quantity of 25 units built with unskilled labor utilizing jigs, fixtures and/or CNC controlled machines) and create a final written report to demonstrate how the process and goals of the course have been realized.

Visual Communication Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

...Arts core requirement; TECH 393 fulfills EWU's International Studies requirement; DESN 490 fulfills EWU...

Visual Communication Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

...Arts core requirement. TECH 393 fulfills EWU's International Studies requirement. DESN 490 fulfills EWU...