Placement and Clearance Exams

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Policy on Enrollment in Pre-University Skills Courses

Students whose placement testing places them in pre-university skills courses must enroll in at least one such course (5 credits) per quarter until these course requirements are satisfied. Furthermore, all students so placed must complete all pre-university mathematics, English and computer literacy courses before the completion of 45 university course credits. Failure to do so will result in a hold on subsequent registration until a plan to satisfy the pre-university requirements is accepted and has been signed off by their advisor. Students who have declared their majors will work with their advisor in their academic departments. Students who are undeclared will work with advisors in General Undergraduate Academic Advising. Students will need adequate advising to remain in compliance with this policy. Unavailability of these courses, as certified by your academic advisor in a given quarter, suspends this requirement for that quarter.

Pre-University Basic Skills include: CPLA 100ENGL 100MTHD 103MTHD 104MTHD 106.

Admitted freshman and transfer students may be required to complete placement tests in English composition and mathematics.

Examination Requirements

Students must complete a mathematics placement exam if they have not completed the equivalent of MTHD 104 with a grade ≥2.0. Transfer students who do not have an approved direct-transfer associate degree or an intermediate college algebra course with a grade ≥2.0 must take the mathematics placement test. English composition placement is based on a student’s SAT or ACT test scores if the student has not completed at least one composition course at a college or university. Note: the mathematics placement test may be taken twice in a calendar year with at least two weeks between test times.

Computer Literacy Clearance

Computer Literacy clearance must be achieved by all students to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Specific information on what is covered in the challenge exams as well as exam procedures and dates are posted at:

Competency is demonstrated by successful completion of the clearance examination or completion of CPLA 100 (1) with a grade and CPLA 101 (1) with a grade ≥2.0 or completion of CPLA 120 (5) with a grade ≥2.0.

  • CPLA 100 does not count for college credit.

The following students must complete the computer literacy requirements:

  • all incoming students without a direct transfer associate degree or a previous bachelor’s degree.
  • all students in programs requiring CPLA 100CPLA 101 or CPLA 120, including students with direct transfer associate degrees.
  • all students with course requirements having CPLA 100CPLA 101 or CPLA 120, including students with direct transfer associate degrees.

English Composition Competency and Proficiency

English Composition competency and proficiency must be demonstrated by all students to earn a baccalaureate degree.

For more information, contact the English Composition Program, 509.359.7064.

Competency is demonstrated by placement into ENGL 201 based on the placement test score or by submission of an official transcript showing completion of ENGL 101 or its equivalent, at a post-secondary institution with a grade ≥2.0.

Students placed into ENGL 100, or ENGL 101, must complete ENGL 100 with a grade of and ENGL 101 with a grade ≥2.0 before proceeding to the next level of English.

  • ENGL 100 does not count for college credit.

Proficiency is demonstrated by completion of ENGL 201 or by submission of an official transcript showing completion of ENGL 201 or its equivalent, at a postsecondary institution with a grade ≥2.0.

  • English composition proficiency should be completed as soon as possible because some courses require ENGL 201 as a prerequisite.

Mathematics Competency and Proficiency

Mathematics competency and proficiency must be demonstrated by all students to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Competency is demonstrated by placement into any math course above MTHD 104, based on the placement test scores or by submission of an official transcript showing completion of MTHD 104, or its equivalent, at a postsecondary institution with a grade ≥2.0.

Students must complete the objectives of MTHD 103 and pass MTHD 104 or MTHD 106 with a grade ≥2.0 before proceeding to the next level of mathematics.

  • Mathematics competency must be completed before 45 credits are earned.

Note: MTHD 103MTHD 104, MTHD 106 do not count for college credit.

Proficiency is demonstrated by placement into MATH 161 based on the placement score or by submission of an official transcript showing completion of MATH 161 or its equivalent, at a postsecondary institution with a grade ≥2.0.

Students placed into MATH 141 or its equivalent may obtain mathematics proficiency by completing one of the following requirements with a grade ≥2.0: MATH 107; MATH 121; both MATH 141 and MATH 142; both MATH 211 and MATH 212MATH 200MATH 301 or MATH 380 or BIOL 380. Specific mathematics requirements apply to various majors.

Please consult an advisor when deciding which math courses to complete.

  • Mathematics proficiency must be completed before 90 credits are earned.
  • Additional course work beyond mathematics proficiency may be required to complete the major program requirements.
  • Transfer students with an approved direct-transfer associate degree have met the mathematics competency and proficiency requirement but may need to complete additional math requirements for their major.
  • Transfer students who enter the university with 40 quarter credits or more must complete both mathematics competency and mathematics proficiency within three quarters of admission.

Sources of Credit — AP

Unless otherwise noted, a score of 3 on any exam will receive 5 elective credits.

AP Exam AP Score Credit Awarded EWU Equivalent/Elective Credit
Art35Elective Credit
History of Art
4, 55ART 213
Studio Art: 2D Portfolio
4, 55ART 107
Biology35BIOL 100
Biology4, 515BIOL 171, BIOL 172 and BIOL 173
Chemistry35CHEM 151
Chemistry410CHEM 151, CHEM 152
Chemistry515CHEM 151, CHEM 152 and CHEM 153
Computer Science A3, 4, 55CSCD 210
Economics-Microeconomics35Elective Credit
Economics-Microeconomics4, 55ECON 200
Economics-Macroeconomics35Elective Credit
Economics-Macroeconomics4, 55ECON 201
English Language Comp3, 4, 55ENGL 101
English Literature and Comp3, 4, 5 5ENGL 170
Environmental Science3, 4, 55ENVS 100
Government and Politics
3, 4, 55POLI 203
3, 4, 55POLI 100
3, 4, 55HIST 106
United States
3, 4, 55HIST 110
World History
3, 4, 55HIST 102 or HIST 103
Human Geography3, 4, 55GEOG 101
Calculus AB
3, 4, 55MATH 142, satisfies mathematical reasoning requirement
Calculus BC
3, 4, 55MATH 142, satisfies mathematical reasoning requirement
3, 4, 55Elective Credit, satisfies mathematical reasoning requirement
Modern Languages and Literatures
Chinese Language
35CHIN 101
Chinese Language
410CHIN 101, CHIN 102
Chinese Language
515CHIN 101, CHIN 102 and CHIN 103
Chinese Literature
3, 4, 55GNML 299
French Language
35FREN 201
French Language
410FREN 201 and FREN 202
French Language
515FREN 201, FREN 202 and FREN 203
French Literature
3, 4, 55FREN 299
German Language
35GERM 201
German Language
410GERM 201 and GERM 202
German Language
515GERM 201, GERM 202 and GERM 203
German Literature
3, 4, 55GERM 299
Italian Language
35GNML 298
Italian Language
410GNML 298
Italian Language
515GNML 298
Japanese Language
35JAPN 103
Japanese Language
410JAPN 201
Japanese Language
515JAPN 202
Japanese Literature
3, 4, 55JAPN 299
Latin Language
35GNML 298
Latin Language
410GNML 298
Latin Language
515GNML 298
Latin Literature
3, 4, 55GNML 299
Latin Literature and Latin: Vergil
3, 4, 55GNML 299
Russian Language
35GNML 298
Russian Language
410GNML 298
Russian Language
515GNML 298
Russian Literature
3, 4, 55GNML 299
Spanish Language
35SPAN 201
Spanish Language
410SPAN 201 and SPAN 202
Spanish Language
515SPAN 201, SPAN 202 and SPAN 203
Spanish Literature
3, 4, 55SPAN 299
Music35Elective Credit
Music Theory
44MUSC 101, MUSC 104
Music Theory
57MUSC 101, MUSC 102, MUSC 104
Physics35Elective Credit
Physics B
4, 515PHYS 131, PHYS 132, PHYS 133, PHYS 161, PHYS 162 and PHYS 163
Physics C (Mechanics)
4, 55PHYS 151, PHYS 161
Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism)
4, 55PHYS 153, PHYS 163
Psychology3, 4, 55PSYC 100

Sources of Credit—International Baccalaureate IB Course Higher Level Exam

Minimum score 5

IB Course EWU Equivalent/Elective Credit Number of Credits
Art: Art/DesignART 1075
BiologyBIOL 171, BIOL 172 and BIOL 17312
EconomicsECON 200 and ECON 20110
HistoryHIST 1065
History of Africa
HIST 3155
History of the Americas
HIST 1105
History of Europe
HIST 1065
MusicMUSC 250, MUSC 251 and MUSC 2529
Physics: Higher LevelPHYS 131, PHYS 132, PHYS 133, PHYS 161, PHYS 162 and PHYS 16315
PsychologyPSYC 1005

Sources of Credit—CLEP

CLEP Course Minimum Score Number of Credits EWU Equivalent/Elective Credit
Biology: General Biology4912BIOL 171, BIOL 172 and BIOL 173
College Composition505ENGL 101
Principles of Marketing504MKTG 310
Principles of Macroeconomics
485ECON 201
Principles of Microeconomics
475ECON 200
Government, American475POLI 100
History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1877
455HIST 110
History of the U.S. II: 1865 to Present
455HIST 110
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648
465HIST 105
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present
475HIST 106
Humanities (General Exam)505HUMN 211
Calculus with Elementary Functions
4510MATH 161 and MATH 162
College Algebra
505MATH 141
College Algebra/Trigonometry
5410MATH 141 and MATH 142
College Mathematics
505MATH proficiency
575MATH 142
Psychology: Intro to Psychology475PSYC 100
Sociology: Intro to Sociology475SOCI 101