Gender and Sexuality Studies, Graduate Certificate

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  • prerequisite for certificate program: graduate standing, admission to an EWU graduate program and permission of Graduate Certificate coordinator;
  • courses taken at the 400 level may not be retaken for credit at the 500 level; substitutions for core courses may be approved on a case by case basis at the discretion of the director of Women’s and Gender Studies or coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies.
Required Core
Required Electives14
Choose a minimum of 14 credits of WMST or WMST-cross-listed courses at or above the 400 level to bring the total to a minimum of 23 credits for the certificate. A maximum of 5 credits is permitted at the 400 level; the remaining credits must be at or above the 500 level.
Total Credits23

Student Learning Outcomes, student will

  • synthesize knowledge of historical perspectives on gender and sexuality;
  • analyze connections between gender and sexuality and other societal structures such as race, class, age, ability status, etc.;
  • synthesize knowledge of global perspectives on gender and sexuality;
  • analyze the role of language in producing and perpetuating cultural attitudes about gender and sexuality;
  • synthesize knowledge of the multiplicity of theoretical positions regarding gender and sexuality, such as feminist theory, queer theory, etc.;
  • analyze and synthesize theories concerning the diversity of gender and sexual identities, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc.