Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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The Liberal Arts option is designed to give students a breadth of academic experience to enrich their lives and broaden their understanding of the human experience. Students participating in this program complete 60 upper division credits from the following three categories: Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. A 20/20/20 credit combination must be completed in these three breadth areas. These categories parallel the gecrs but are broader categories and are not restricted to those particular departments and courses. These courses must be completed in addition to Eastern Washington University’s GECR requirement. Final approval of the degree plan is required by the senior director of Interdisciplinary Studies.


  • two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required;
  •  these courses must be completed in addition to EWUs GECR requirements;
  • please contact the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
Required–choose courses from the following areas–must be upper-division
Social Sciences20
Total Credits60

For information on General Education, see Undergraduate Degree .

Student Learning Outcomes—students will

  • be prepared for career mobility and adaptability by selecting the appropriate academic concentration;
  • select the program option to craft a degree plan to enhance career goals and objectives.