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Pre-requisites: MTHD 106 with a grade ≥C, or a satisfactory score on the mathematics placement assessment (MPA); placement into or above ENGL 101.
Satisfies: completion of this course with a grade ≥C satisfies the university proficiencies in mathematics.
This course gives future K–8 teachers foundational understanding of elementary school mathematics for teaching. It includes problem-solving, numeration and number systems, whole number operations, fractions and operations on fractions, decimals and operations on decimals, percent, proportional reasoning, integers and operations on integers. Conceptual understanding and problem solving strongly emphasized.

Mathematics/Secondary Middle Level Endorsement/Minor

This minor can be completed for an add-on Middle Level Mathematics Endorsement: completion of this minor, the General Degree Completion Requirements for Education, Secondary, and a major field of study satisfies the state requirements for a middle level mathematics teaching endorsement (grade levels 4–9). Note: all candidates for certification must pass the NES subject matter test to receive an endorsement for certification purposes.

School of Education

...approved equivalent Mathematics: MATH 210 , or an approved equivalent, ( MATH 208 and MATH 209 are...