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Spanish/Elementary Major, Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE)

Notes: students who do not have sufficient high school language preparation to begin  SPAN 201  will require more than 12 quarters to complete the BAE; students who want to have a second endorsement in a minor field will require more than 12 quarters to complete the BAE.

Prior Learning–Sources of Credit

...SPAN 201 and SPAN 202 Spanish Language 5 15 SPAN 201 , SPAN 202 and SPAN...

Modern Languages and Literatures

...complete SPAN 310 / SPAN 311 , SPAN 312 / SPAN...a 201 section (fall quarter). After completing 201...

Records and Registration

201 Sutton Hall-- Cheney 509.359.2321 AP...FREN, GERM, GNML, JAPN, SPAN Music MUSC, MUSE...

Recreation and Tourism Management Major, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

...Requirement: >=C in ENGL 201 (or equivalent). Major...across the human life span; demonstrate the ability...

Spanish/Secondary Major, Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE)

...sufficient high school language preparation to begin SPAN 201 will require more than 12 quarters...


Satisfies: a BACR for social sciences.
A broad overview of human development from birth to death. Topics covered include the biological, cognitive, learning, cultural and socio-emotional influences on development. Designed for the non-major.


Cross-listed: HONS 201.
Pre-requisites: SPAN 103 or equivalent.
Satisfies: a BACR for humanities and arts.
Students will develop the ability to communicate in Spanish at the intermediate/advanced ACTFL level, both orally and in writing. Students will also broaden their cultural awareness and critical thinking skills as they study, discuss, read and write about global and local themes depicted in authentic literature, film, art, podcasts and other cultural products. Students will use Spanish creatively in daily discussions and also when engaged in presentational, writing and real world tasks.