Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medicine

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See the Department of Biology or Chemistry/Biochemistry sections of this catalog for curriculum descriptions.

Department of Biology

Rebecca Brown
David Daberkow
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Joanna Joyner-Matos
258 Science Bld.

Department of Chemistry / Biochemistry

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Undergraduate Programs

Admission requirements for Schools of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine are typically satisfied by a Bachelor of Science degree in either biology or chemistry with substantial coursework from both disciplines. The requirements of these professional schools are so demanding and frequently variable that it is imperative students contact a pre-medical, pre-dental or pre-veterinary medicine advisor immediately upon deciding to earn a degree in one of these areas and work closely with that advisor in developing a complete curriculum. The program of study may vary for each student dependent on his/her preparation, background or specific interests. Other majors may be chosen if the basic requirements are met (two years each of biology and chemistry, one year of physics with supporting mathematics and typically one year of biochemistry and/or molecular biology). As a part of the selection process for admission to professional school, pre-medical and pre-dental students must also take a nationally administered evaluative test (Medical College Admission Test or Dental College Admission Test respectively); these tests are largely based on the science requirements previously noted, Mathematics Applied Quantitative Assessments, English Comprehension and writing. Since the MCAT or DAT is typically taken either at the end of the third or beginning of the fourth academic year, it is imperative that students complete the basic science requirements during the first three years of study. For additional curriculum information and a complete list of courses required in a four-year program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree, see major option descriptions under the Biology or Chemistry/Biochemistry Departments. Note that majors in these areas of study offered by the two departments principally differ only in the fourth year.

Because admission requirements can vary between individual professional schools, it is imperative that students directly contact schools of interest and ascertain specific requirements prior to the application process. Publications such as Medical School Admission Requirements and Admission Requirements of American Dental Schools provide profile information on a school-by-school basis regarding admitted students. Students must realize that admission to professional school is highly competitive and thus uncertain—nothing assures admission.

General Admissions Requirements for Majors in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry or Pre-Veterinary Medicine

In order to complete degree requirements in four years and be prepared for professional school admission tests at the end of three, it is essential that students are enrolled in college-level chemistry and biology courses at the inception of their pre-professional curriculum. Thus preparation at the high school level should include one year each of biology, chemistry and physics as well as three or four years each of English and mathematics (through pre-calculus). Students transferring from other institutions including community colleges should consult with Eastern’s Admissions Office for information regarding course equivalencies. Students are encouraged to contact Eastern’s pre-professional advisors prior to enrollment.

Eastern Washington University offers students the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of coursework toward the requirements of a number of specific professions.

Although the following Pre-Professional programs have been offered for several years by EWU, this listing is not exclusive; students who are interested in a profession not represented (below) are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR) for assistance in identifying departments or programs which can offer coursework and advice as regards alternative Pre-Professional studies.

Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medicine
Pre-Electrical Engineering
Pre-Veterinary Medicine