Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Certificate, Undergraduate

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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones are becoming a common tool in a variety of fields for a variety of purposes. Part 107 UAS Remote Pilot license is also required for the certificate and administered by the FAA. Flying UAS in a safe and FAA compilable in commercial situations is in high demand.

Required Courses
GEOL 130UAS GROUND SCHOOL (online through BBCC, UMS 112)5
GEOL 131UAS MISSION PLANNING (online through BBCC, UMS 208)5
GEOL 132UAS FLIGHT LAB (hybrid-online through BBCC/EWU, UMS 142)6
GEOG 426CRITICAL GIS (or applicable class for programing or engineering drones (e.g.Java Script I)5
GEOG 428GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS II (or applicable class for programing or engineering drones (e.g.Java Script II)5
Final Application Course
Note: May be substituted (with faculty advisor permission) with an Independent Research project with drone application in applicable field. Essentially, this final application course needs to be in the student's field of study and apply the use of UAS in a project.
Total Credits30