Dental Hygiene, Master of Science (MS)

The MSDH program offers opportunities for licensed dental hygienists who desire a graduate degree and have a baccalaureate degree. Our graduate program prepares graduates to assume roles in various employment environments and provides them with the tools to initiate as well as to adapt to change.

Course work is designed to promote advanced communication and interpersonal skills, critical and reflective thinking, evidence-based decision making, problem-solving, technology and information literacy, interprofessional collaboration, scholarly inquiry and application, ethical and professional behavior, and the value of lifelong learning.

Graduate education in dental hygiene is imperative for developing a cadre of dental hygiene professionals who lead the profession and assume leadership roles in health care and education, as well as the development of scholars to participate in the generation and dissemination of original research. Dental hygiene graduate education is based on a body of knowledge that is specific to the roles of the dental hygienist. To that end, students with faculty mentorship complete a practicum experience and a research project based on their chosen interest.