James Headley, Advisor
013 Hargreaves

Program Description

Entrance into law school does not depend on the completion of any particular set of undergraduate requirements, but rather on the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in a recognized field of study, a sufficient GPA and a satisfactory score on the Law School Admission Test. Accordingly, no single pre-professional program can be recommended for the study of law. A balanced preparation for the study of law should include exposure to the traditional liberal arts disciplines and the development of skills in verbal and written communication and in logical thinking.

Since many students interested in law combine that interest with a similar one in public affairs, the Department of Political Science and International Studies offers a special option major designed especially to meet the needs of pre-law students.

Eastern Washington University offers students the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of coursework toward the requirements of a number of specific professions.

Although the following Pre-Professional programs have been offered for several years by EWU, this listing is not exclusive; students who are interested in a profession not represented (below) are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR) for assistance in identifying departments or programs which can offer coursework and advice as regards alternative Pre-Professional studies.

Pre-Communication Disorders (post-baccalaureate)
Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medicine
Pre-Veterinary Medicine