Exploring Majors

The EWU Career Center encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to explore their skills, abilities, and interests in order to make decisions about choosing their academic majors.

  • Career exploration internships–these entry level internships provide hands on experiences and opportunities to gain valuable career knowledge and skills. Visit the Career Center for more information.
  • The Career Center assists students with their career and majors exploration. The department offers individual career advising appointments including career assessments as well as courses to support students with their decisions. To make an appointment go to Handshake.
  • Explore degree programs with the interactive program search or course search.
  • Getting involved outside the classroom through job shadowing or volunteering is a great way to explore interests.
  • Talk to professionals in fields of interest. Check out the Eagle Career Network to connect with alumni.
  • Student Engagement can provide a list of organizations that students may be interested in joining.
  • The Center for Academic Advising and Retention (CAAR) can assist students in declaring a major.

Career Center

332 Pence Union Building

The EWU Career Center provides students at any level of their education with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to make informed, intentional and individual choices about their academic and professional development. Course offerings engage and develop student skills in critical thinking, communication and research to choose inspiring majors, gain significant pre-professional experience and plan their future careers. Program topics and activities include major exploration, career research, exploratory internships, mentorship and professional development.

As the world of work is increasingly dynamic and diverse, Career Center resources and content encourages students to consider and understand their experiences and value as whole people, and invites them to make meaningful connections between their academic experience and professional goals. This holistic approach promotes necessary habits of adaptability, openness and reflection that allow students to thrive in the workplace both after graduation and throughout their lives.

Career Exploration Courses


This course is designed to help undecided and undeclared students explore and define their individual major and career path. While some content is appropriate for students at all levels, the main focus will be for those students who are exploring majors and careers.

CRSV 295. INTERNSHIP. 1-2 Credits.

Pre-requisites: permission of the instructor, department chair and college dean.

CRSV 296. EXPERIMENTAL. 1-5 Credits.


CRSV 298. SEMINAR. 1-5 Credits.


CRSV 398. SEMINAR. 1-5 Credits.