Business and Marketing Education

Kari Duffy, Program Director of Career and Technical Education: Initial CTE Certificate Route 1: Business & Marketing Education, Initial CTE Certificate Route 2: Business & Industry, and Initial CTE Administrator Certificate programs.

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BAE–Business and Marketing Education/​Secondary Major

Minor–Corporate Training

Certificate–Corporate Training 
Certificate–Initial CTE

MEd–Career and Technical Education 
MEd–Career and Technical Education with Administrator Certificate

Graduate Certificate–CTED 
Graduate Certificate–CTED Administrator

Required courses in these programs of study may have prerequisites. Reference the course description section for clarification.

Undergraduate Programs

The Business and Marketing Education (BME) student will become fully Career and Technical Education (CTE) certified to teach any business or marketing course in the state of Washington grades 5–12.

Business and marketing courses offered in high school, junior high, middle school, and skills centers prepare students to think, communicate, and problem solve through real-world applications. Business and marketing teachers educate students to become thoughtful consumers, achieve success in the workplace, and value life-long learning.

A Bachelor of Arts in Education with a Business and Marketing Education (BME) major provides teachers with practical business and/or marketing experience to share their knowledge and expertise in a secondary education classroom. BME Program completers receive a Washington State teaching license in secondary education with a CTE certification in business and marketing allowing them to teach any business or marketing subject offered in grades 5–12. Visit the School of Education for more information on secondary education requirements.

The BME degree or BME Add-on with a CTE certificate allows program completers to teach any of the 50-plus business or marketing courses a school might offer. The degree also certifies completers to coordinate work-site learning educational opportunities at a qualified work-site outside the classroom, linking high school students’ work experiences with classroom learning; and the degree certifies you to instruct the career choices course, facilitating career development, job retention, and resource management. The BME major is offered in conjunction with the School of Education. The College of Professional Programs School of Business provides the required business-related courses in business administration, computer applications, accounting, and Career and Technical Education. The School of Education provides courses in professional education and advising toward teacher certification within the State of Washington.

All CTE, BME, and business administration courses are offered online. Tuition for online courses differs from on-campus courses; contact Student Financial Services for current tuition rates.

Grade Requirements for Graduation
  1. A minimum grade ≥C in each course required for the major
  2. Formal admission to the BAE program
  3. A minimum accumulative GPA ≥2.5
Course Repeat Policy

The Undergraduate Business and Marketing Education Program’s course repeat policy limits students to three graded attempts for each requirement for their Business and Marketing Education (BME) major, including all requirements listed and courses required for the major. If a requirement for the major is not successfully completed with a minimum grade ≥2.0 on the third graded attempt, the student will be dropped from the program.

For fulfillment of each course requirement, the BME program will consider the first three times a student completes the course; further attempts of the course will not be accepted. In accordance with EWU's repeat policy, only the most recent of the (first) three completions will be accepted. Completion is defined as receiving a final grade in the course. 

A student who has been denied admission to the BME program or who has been dropped from the program based on application of this repeat policy may seek admission into the program or continuation through petition to the Dean of the College of Professional Programs. The policy applies to all BME program core, major requirements, and includes graded attempts of these requirements at colleges and universities other than EWU. For the specific requirements, refer to the General Undergraduate Catalog or the Business Advising website.

It is anticipated that enforcement of the policy will not be handled automatically by the student information system but will require review of transcripts at the time of admission to the business program and/or review of transcript/graduation forms just prior to graduation. Information as to the policy and the student’s obligation to understand and follow it will be included on program advising information and admission forms and in EWU catalog information.

When a student declares BME as a degree program, the student will be informed of the BME repeat policy by the advisor. If a student applying for formal admission to the business program has completed a business program requirement a third time with a grade <C, the student will be informed by the business advisor that the student is not admissible and that further attempts of the course will not be considered. If a student has been formally admitted to the business program and then completes a business program requirement a third time with a grade <C, the student will be dropped from the program and informed by the advisor that further attempts of the course will not be considered.