Mission & Vision

Eastern Washington University Expands Opportunities for Personal Transformation Through Excellence in Learning

EWU achieves its mission by:
  • enhancing access to higher education in the Inland Northwest and beyond by recruiting and supporting traditional college-bound students, non-traditional students, and those from underserved populations;
  • delivering high-quality academic programs that undergo regular, rigorous review informed by data and assessment of student learning;
  • delivering a high-quality co-curriculum designed to develop the intellectual, cultural, personal, and practical aspects of students’ lives; and
  • promoting student success by supporting student engagement and timely degree completion.

Our three core themes are access, learning, and completion.

Vision Statement

Eastern Washington University is a driving force for the culture, economy, workforce, and vitality of Washington State. Our graduates think critically and make meaningful contributions to both their career fields and their communities. EWU is the public university whose students, faculty, staff, and alumni make profound and significant contributions to the economic and social vitality of the region. EWU remains the best value for higher education in the state.