Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs
206 Showalter Hall

The Graduate Programs Office coordinates admission and post-admission degree awarding for all of Eastern’s graduate programs and provides a wide range of assistance to prospective and current students as well as to faculty and staff at the university.

Graduate students must meet EWU graduate admission requirements and the requirements of the individual graduate program to which they are applying. EWU's graduate admissions requirements and policies are maintained on the Admissions web page. Admissions policies for individual graduate programs vary by program, and information about programs and policies is available on the Graduate Program Explorer.

Eastern Washington University reserves the right to change graduate admissions policies and deadlines without notice.
For information about Academic Standards, Appeals, Certificates, Course Level, Course Load/Repeat, Degree Completion, Probation and Dismissal, Terminal documentation requirements, and Y Grades, review the Graduate Programs Academic Policies page for the appropriate policy.
For other questions about the graduate student experience, visit the Graduate Programs website.