Undergraduate Policies

Academic Appeals Board Chapter 4-9

Exceptions to academic regulations are considered by an Academic Appeals Board that consists of faculty and student representatives. The Academic Appeals Board will consider petitions of the following undergraduate requirements:

  • general education 
  • university graduation 
  • 60 upper-division credits 
  • 45 credits in residence 
  • 15 upper division residence credits in major 
  • world language 

Appeal actions shall be coordinated through the Records and Registration Office. Appeals must be made sufficiently in advance of graduation so that program planning can be done according to the decision of the board to approve, deny or reconsider the petition.

The Academic Appeals Board does not consider cases that apply to majors or minors or professional certification. The appropriate department chair or program director should be contacted regarding these matters.

Grade appeals shall be handled in accordance with Academic Policy 303-24, Grades and Grade Appeals.

Academic Forgiveness Policy Chapter 6-3

Fresh Start Academic Forgiveness for Returning EWU Students
  1. Undergraduate students may make a one-time petition to have up to two consecutive terms removed from the calculation of their credits and GPA. The coursework must have been completed at least five calendar years prior to this petition.
  2. Forgiven courses cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirements.
  3. To be eligible, a student must have completed 24 consecutive credits post-return to EWU, maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and have indicated a pre-major or be declared in a major.
  4. Fresh Start Academic Forgiveness may not be revoked.

For further information on Academic Forgiveness, contact the Records and Registration Office, 201 Sutton Hall or 509.359.2321.

Academic Probation, Dismissal and Reinstatement Chapter 6-1

All undergraduate students are held to the following academic standards and policies:

  •  all Eastern Washington University undergraduate students in their first term who do not attain a minimum GPA >2.0 will be placed on academic warning;
  • at the end of each term, undergraduate students who do not attain a cumulative GPA of >2.0 are placed on academic probation for the next term of enrollment;
  • undergraduate students on academic probation who attain a cumulative GPA of >2.0 are automatically removed from probation;
  • undergraduate students on academic probation who attain a term GPA of >2.0 but whose cumulative GPA is still <2.0 will remain on academic probation;
  • undergraduate students on academic warning who attain a term GPA of >2.0 but whose cumulative GPA is still <2.0 will be moved to Academic Probation;   
  • undergraduate students on Academic Probation whose cumulative GPA remains <2.0 and whose term GPA is <2.0 will be dismissed from the  University;  
  • to re-enroll after being academically dismissed, officially declared and undeclared students must petition for academic reinstatement through the Center for Academic Advising and Retention. 
    • students who were officially declared at the time of dismissal and are out for more than one year are dropped from the major;
    • students in this situation will need to re-apply to EWU, as a former student returning (FSR).
  • a dismissed undergraduate student is not eligible to enroll for the following academic term (fall, winter or spring);  
    • first-time dismissed undergraduate students will be eligible to petition for reinstatement after one term;
    • Undergraduate students dismissed a second time will be eligible to petition for reinstatement after one year;
    • students who are dismissed at the end of spring term will not be eligible to enroll in summer or fall term but may petition for reinstatement for the next winter or spring term;
  • to be eligible for reinstatement, dismissed undergraduate students must demonstrate an improved academic performance or readiness for academic success;  
  • the academic reinstatement process is coordinated through the Center for Academic Advising and Retention (CAAR).  Visit CAAR’s website for additional information or call 509-359-2345.   

Academic Honors Chapter 7-1 and 7-2

Deans’ Honor List

Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who complete at least 12 graded credits in a given quarter with a GPA ≥3.50 will be placed on the quarterly Deans’ Honor List for academic excellence. The honor is also recorded on their university transcript.

Honors at Graduation

Graduating seniors with a GPA between:

4.00 and 3.9 = Summa Cum Laude
3.89 and 3.7 = Magna Cum Laude
3.69 and 3.5 = Cum Laude

Graduating seniors who achieve academic honors will be formally recognized during commencement, on their University transcript, and on their diploma. Those honors are earned by students who have completed the general requirements for the baccalaureate degree at Eastern Washington University (EWU). Honors are calculated only on college-level credits earned at this institution.