Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation

An application for graduation is required for any student seeking an undergraduate degree and must be submitted through the online Graduation Application by the published deadlines. 

  • Application for Graduation must be submitted by the published deadlines which can be found on the Academic Calendar.
  • ​Timely submission provides an opportunity to review degree requirements, for department chairs to approve student plans, and to plan or change course enrollment to ensure completion of all requirements.
  • Students who do not complete all degree requirements in the term of intended graduation must request a change of graduation term.  Students can complete the online Move My Graduation form or email with any questions.
  • ​The graduation application fee and the late application fee change annually. For current fees, contact Records and Registration.

Active Catalog Rule Chapter 4-8 

  • The catalog in effect at the first term of the student's current matriculation will be used to determine the general education requirements.
    • A former EWU student returning (FSR) will use the general education requirements of the academic year they are returning.
  • The catalog in effect at the time the student declares a major or minor will be used to determine the program requirements. This catalog may only be changed to a newer catalog with the approval of the department chair or program director by resubmitting the major declaration form. In no case can the catalog used for the major or the minor be more than six years old. A student whose major or minor catalog has expired will be required to submit a new major declaration form; the major and minor will be updated to the catalog in effect at the time of the resubmission.
  • Use the Catalog Archives to determine the two important catalog years.

Declaring a Major and Minor Chapter 4-6

All undergraduates must declare a major by the time they have completed 60 credits. Students who transfer with 60 credits or more must declare a major before registration. Some majors may require an application and/or admission to the program prior to official major declaration. Contact the major department directly to inquire about additional requirements.
Degree and program requirements may be updated annually–check the Catalog Archives for the major declaration year catalog.

Major/Minor Requirements

Minors are a distinct set of undergraduate courses that have been approved and designated in the catalog. A minor or certificate is required for graduation with any major program of less than 60 credits. Minors or certificates that are required for graduation must contain at least 15 credits that are not part of the major requirements. (The minor or certificate cannot be fully embedded in the major requirements.) Minors that are an option for graduation may be embedded in the major requirements and recorded on official university transcripts. Minors may be recorded on a transcript only when completed as part of a degree program.

Grading System, Policies and Appeals

General information is provided in the policy section, including the full policy on grade appeals.

Second Degree Policy  Chapter 4-7

Students may be awarded more than one undergraduate degree at Eastern Washington University.

  • In all cases at least 225 credits are required to earn a second degree. Each subsequent degree requires an additional 45 credits.
  • At least 45 credits that are different from those that are included in the first degree and are part of an approved program are required to earn two degrees.
  • If fewer than 225 credits are completed, a second major rather than a second degree will be recorded on the university transcript, provided that the credits earned comply with program requirements for that major.
  • The student must have the approval of each department chair or program director confirming that all degree requirements have been satisfied.
  • If students complete more than one undergraduate degree concurrently, a minor is not required to accompany a major of less than 60 credits.

Transfer post-baccalaureate students can receive a bachelor’s degree from EWU that is of the same type (BA, BS, BAE, etc.) as awarded at the transfer institution, provided EWU’s degree requirements are completed. The major/minor area of emphasis must be different from that awarded at the transfer institution.

General education and graduation requirements are waived for a student possessing a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution who wishes to obtain an additional undergraduate degree from Eastern.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to Records and Registration.

Second Major Policy  Chapter 4-6. c.

Students may be awarded more than one major of the same degree type (BA, BS, BAB, BAE, BM and BFA). At least 30 credits in any major must be different from those in any other major.